DInject Dependency Injection

DInject is designed to be a fast and light dependency injection library for server-side Java and Kotlin developers.

It uses source code generation (like Dagger). There is no use of reflection or classpath scanning.

It is orientated to server-side use by providing similar functionality to Spring DI including Lifecycle support, @Factory + @Bean, @Primary + @Secondary and the ability to get beans from the context.

Based on JSR-330

DInject is based on JSR-330: Dependency Injection for Java - javax.inject with some extensions similar to Spring DI.

Spring DI like extensions

@Factory + @Bean

DInject has @Factory + @Bean which work the same as Spring DI's @Configuration + @Bean and also Micronaut's @Factory + @Bean.

This provides a more convenient alternative to the JSR-330 javax.inject.Provider<T> interface and is also more natural for people who familiar with Spring DI or Micronaut DI.

@Primary @Secondary

DInject has @Primary @Secondary annotations which work the same as Spring DI's @Primary @Secondary and also Micronaut DI's @Primary @Secondary.

These provide injection precedence in the case of injecting an implementation when multiple injection candidates are available.

Spring DI translation

Spring DInject JSR-330
@Component, @Service, @Controller, @Repository @javax.inject.Singleton Yes
FactoryBean<T> javax.inject.Provider<T> Yes
@Inject, @Autowired @javax.inject.Inject Yes
@Autowired(required=false) @javax.inject.Inject Optional<T> Yes
@PostConstruct @javax.inject.PostConstruct Yes
@PreDestroy @javax.inject.PreDestroy Yes
Non standard extensions to JSR-330
@Configuration @Bean @Factory @Bean No
@Primary @Primary No
@Secondary @Secondary No


Using libraries that provide their own AOP/enhancement makes DInject simpler and lighter.

Currently DInject does not include AOP and the expectation is that AOP functionality comes with other libraries. For example Ebean ORM has @Transactional and Metrics libraries have their own @Timed.

The following are library recommendations for @Transactional, @Value and @Timed.

Spring Recommendation
@Transactional Ebean @Transactional
@Value Avaje Config
@Timed Avaje Metrics